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Places to meet

Creative places to meet give people a feeling of freedom. The environments in which you find yourself can affect your will to express yourself and your urge to create. Five-year-olds and their parents are as welcome at expectrum as the heads of corporations, artists or teachers. Our rooms are open to all – from the casually interested passer-by to companies who have made it their workplace.

expectrum aims to create space for creativity

For expectrum, the need to give free rein to ideas and creativity is self-evident. We want to facilitate learning and teaching, to inspire and be inspired. Our spaces are designed to dissolve the boundaries that can arise between individuals, groups of professionals and different generations. expectrum’s design is open-plan, featuring sliding glass panels and innovative solutions.

The term ‘opportunity forum’ perfectly summarises what our premises offer. No room is the same. One of them is decorated completely in red, ideal for stimulating lively discussion. A second features a thick-pile wall-to-wall carpet and a third has walls covered in felt. There are also rooms with walls to write on, to pick up on and communicate those spontaneous ideas that arise when people meet. We believe expectrum needs to be experienced and explored. In short – anything is possible at expectrum.

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Our Rooms

Maker Hub

With its neutral design, this room allows you to add your own touch to the environment


Open Hub

Open space on second floor

The Hub

This is our largest separate space

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