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About expectrum

We believe creativity is released when people come together. For us, the benefits of unexpected encounters are self-evident. Mix know-how and experience with a dash of youthful optimism and enthusiasm – the result is magical. When a dynamic clash of insights sparks new and unexpected ideas, we’re happy.

Opportunity forum

Focused on business and competence development in technology, expectrum provides a forum where creativity meets inspiration. We want our joint premises to evolve into a natural development centre for school and business. We mean to help companies grow by offering a forum for a dynamic encounter between research, education and business.

About expectrum

In close collaboration with local, regional and national players, we have established a physical location that facilitates the growth, consolidation and promotion of progressive ideas. A place that promotes creativity, innovation and development. A place that challenges our visitors and tenants to think a step further. A place where conventional boundaries and disciplines are transcended, where we can join together to generate unexpected results.

expectrum’s focus and origin derive from the dynamic generated when diverse experience and skills are brought together. It is at all these meetings that new ideas are born and innovations first see the light. This is why we bring different individuals together, who can benefit from the mutual contact. We do this to develop the region and contribute to a vigorous business environment.

By promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration, expectrum aims to contribute to the following:

  • An increased interest in technology, thereby improving the skills pool and expanding the regional recruitment base.
  • Strategic collaboration with the broader community concerning our commercially viable innovations.
  • Establishing Västerås and the region as a whole as a centre of innovation and advanced technology.

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